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Productive Chrome Extensions 2018

Chrome extensions are little add-ons that make life easier navigating the internets. I created a list of the best ones to have for the class:

Removing ads and trackers

Starting off with Ads and Trackers, they slow down your internet experience and distract you from your workflow.

UBlock Origin does an excellent job of removing ads even the video ads at the beginning of youtube videos. Ghostery is not as crucial, but it stops trackers from getting your data and web habits.

You have too many tabs open!

Sometimes when I hop on a student’s computer and it’s slow, its not because the computer is old, it’s because your computer has too many tabs open! Imagine trying to work on a desk that has piles of paper, trash, sheets everywhere. When your computer wants to do work and it’s crowded, it doesn’t have space to do it.

So this is where OneTab comes into play. Once you’re done with a research session and you have like 30 tabs open, you can click on OneTab and it will bookmark them in it’s front page. So it’s not as serious as a regular chrome bookmark, but it has all the functionality.

I can toltaly spel everry thinq rigth! Whata re you tolking qbout!

Next are communication tools. Grammarly helps you compose messages by correcting your spelling and grammar and Boomerang can schedule emails at later times. So you can write your email at 3am and have it sent automatically at 8am.

People will think you are responsible for waking up so early while you are really sleeping in! People generally check their email in the morning, after lunch, and before they leave work.

Stop wasting time memorizing your passwords

And lastly any Password Manager.  I’ll log you in, generate passwords, auto fill, have your credit card information handy for online purchases. All you need to do is remember one password. Imagine the time you can save from all those “forgot passwords” back and forth emails and submissions. You will question why you haven’t used it before. Pick the one that bests suits your needs. Or use the default browser one.

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UBlock Origin
A really good adblocker
May break certain websites, you can click on the icon and disable it

Blocks trackers from tracking you
May break certain websites, you can click on the icon and disable it

Helps organize your tabs
Reduces computer memory
Nothing bad about it, overall amazing for visual research!

Checks spelling and grammar

Boomerang for Gmail
Helps you schedule emails, reminders, and see your response rate

Password Managers
Manage your passwords, and make login to all your websites easier.
You’ll be surprised how you lived your life without one.

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