Learn, Make, Create

Is it possible?

So many great ideas are hampered by the nebulous fog of technology and it shouldn’t be this way! This is a resource problem! Before I use to go to the library and check out books on the subjects, but these days technology changes so fast, that books don’t come out until years later.

So this website’s approach is to create a starting point for students to discover, inspire and generate.


In order to use technology, first, you have to have a good concept to guide you how to use it. This is where the Pinterest and Instagram feed helps you get started. Often seeing what has been done before and what artists have done sets the bar to hit.


The discovery part of this website are the tutorials that we generate to help you gain ownership of the material. Since you’re in control of the videos, scanning back and forth, replaying the videos, and following the steps, it helps internalize the information, and in the end, you end up having better ideas and can push the concepts further.


After you’re done with your project, I encourage you to make your own tutorials and post your work on the site which helps raise the bar and inspire the new generation of students. How cool is that!

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